ZKS Vacuum Feeder

ZKS Vacuum Feeder

ZKS vacuum feeding machine can automatically convey kinds of materials to the hoppers of packaging machine, injection molding machine, pulverizer, and so on. This vacuum conveying machine can also directly convey mixed material to the mixing machine (like V type mixing machine, two-dimensional mixing machine) to reduce working intensity and solve the problem of dust overflowing while feeding material. In addition to vacuum feeding machine, we also supply other conveying equipment, such as bucket elevator, screw feeding machine, hopper conveyor equipment and belt conveyor.

ZKS vacuum conveying machine is extensively applied in pharmaceutical industry, food industry, chemical industry and agriculture. Vacuum feeding machine can be used to convey bulk pharmaceutical chemicals, powder material, granular material, mixed material, tablets, afterbirth pills, capsules, additives, raw materials, candy, afterbirth sugar pill, cocoa powder, gourmet powder, crystal, etc. This vacuum conveying machine can also be used to convey chemical raw materials, industrial raw materials, dyes, agricultural bulk material, etc.

1. The material suction nozzle entrance and the whole system of ZKS vacuum feeding machine are in a certain vacuum state. Powder or particle material and outside air can be suctioned into the material nozzle and form material air flow. Through the suction material tube, it reaches the hopper where air and material will be separated. After separation, material enters the material receiving equipment.
2. This vacuum conveying machine is installed with compressed air reverse blowing device. While putting material, compressed air pulse reversely blows the filter and fetches down the powder absorbed on the surface of filter, thus ensures material suction is in normal running.

Parameters of ZKS Vacuum Feeding Machine

Model Motor Power (kW) Conveying Capacity (kg/h)
ZKS-1 1.5 400
ZKS-2 2.2 600
ZKS-3 3 1200
ZKS-4 5.5 2000
ZKS-5 4 3000
ZKS-6 5.5 4000
ZKS-7 5.5 6000

Jiangsu Yutong Drying Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of vacuum conveying machines in China. In addition to vacuum feeding machine, we also provide drying machine, grinding machine, granulating machine, extractor and concentrator equipment. Our company has been awarded as “AAA” enterprise by Jiangsu International Credit Assessment Company. Our vacuum conveying machines are highly appraised by customers worldwide.

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