• SXG Rotary Flash Dryer
  • SXG rotating flash drying machine is applicable to dry viscous, thixotropic, thermosensitive powdery and granular materials in the dyes, pigment, chemical, ceramics, food and pharmaceutical industry. The appropriate materials can be dried by this drying equipment include:
    1.Inorganic materials: boric acid, calcium carbonate, hydroxide, copper sulfate, ferric oxide, barium carbonate, antimony trioxide, metal hydroxide, heavy metallic salt and compound cryolite....

Spin Flash Dryer

Spin flash dryers are designed for drying high moisture content pasty materials in the pigments, dyes, fine chemical, pesticide, fertilizer, feed, food, medical, electronic and other light industries. Flash drying refers to the drying of particles which are suspended and conveyed in a hot air stream.
Our SXG rotary flash drying machine is equipped with particular magnetic sealing device, meeting the GMP standards. The performance of this spin flash dryer reaches international advanced level, and we have successfully used this machine for pharmaceutical industry.

1.The materials are micronized into high disperse state due to centrifugation, shear, crash and friction, and the relative speed between the gas and solid is large, which enhances the heat and mass transfer, thereby improving the production intensity of this flash drying machine.
2.The dry gas enters into the bottom of the spin flash dryer, and produces strong rotary air flow, which will generate strong washing effect on the materials in order to eliminate sticking phenomenon.
3.In high temperature area at the bottom of the flash drying machine, the heat sensitive materials will not contact with the heat surface directly, thus solving coking and discoloring problems of the materials.
4.Because of high circumferential gas speed in the drying chamber and short staying time of the materials, this spin flash dryer achieves high efficiency, fast speed and mass production.
5.A spinning disk is built in the drying room in order to control the material moisture at extremely low level.
6.The disperser can control the particle size and humidity of the materials.
7.Our flash drying machines are very flexible and cost efficient solutions with regards to both investment and operation.

As a professional spin flash dryer manufacturer and supplier in China, Yutong carries out ISO9001 quality management system in order to ensure the quality of our products. We not only provide flash drying machine, but also provide spray dryers, vacuum dryers, mixing machine, granulator, pulverizer and more. Spin flash dryers are exported to America, Britain, Germany, Cyprus, Turkey, Greece, Ukraine, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, Singapore, Taiwan, Nigeria and Mexico.

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