• FL Fluidized Bed Granulator
  • Granulation is a process of transforming the powder particles into ideal, uniform and porous spherical articles. The powdery particles are annulus fluidized ...
  • PGL-B Spray Dryer Granulator
  • PGL-B spray dryer granulator is a kind of machine that combines spray drying and fluidized granulation. It granulates the liquid materials in one-step process ...
  • GHL High Speed Mixing Granulator
  • The powder material and adhesives are mixed fully at the bottom of GHL high speed mixing granulator to become humid soft material, and then it is cut through ...
  • XL Rotary Granulating Machine
  • XL rotary granulating machine adopts one pair of rotating grinding blade to grind liquid material into column-shape granule by stainless steel sieve cylinder ...
  • XYL Rotary Squeezing Granulating Machine
  • XYL squeezing granulator machine produces uniform length of cylindrical particles. The whole process is that after squeezed by the grind knives, the well mixed ...
  • YK Pendular Granulator
  • YK pendular granulator is special equipment used to make wet powdery materials into granulars under the effect of rotating drum. All material contact parts are made ...
  • KZL Quick Pelleting Machine
  • Generally speaking, the particles are usually of different shapes and sizes processed by a variety of granulation equipments. KZL rapid pelleting machine has the ...
  • QZL Spheroid Granule Machine
  • The granulation process is that before extruding operation, the solid raw materials need to be well mixed with the liquids. Then the mixed ingredients go through ...
  • JZL Twin Screw Pellet Mill Machine
  • The pellets produced by twin-screw extrusion granulator are extruded rigidly through screw and plate. Therefore the finished products are compact, uniform ...
  • GK Dry Granulator
  • Granulation has many advantages including dust free formulation, improved flowability and stability. Indry granulation machine, the particle size is enhanced by ...
  • DGJ Fertilizer Granulator
  • DGJ fertilizer granulator is a new generation of equipment. This granulating machine operates at room temperature and the output is up to 1-5t/h with a variety ...

Pelletizing / Granulating Machine

Granulation is a processing for solid particulate. This palletizing machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, fertilizer products and other solid materials. Take the pharmaceutical industry for example: granulating machine is applied to solid preparations such as fine granules, granules and tablets as well as other formulations containing solid particles. The preparation products based on solid materials accounts for 70%-80% in the pharmaceutical market. It can clearly be seen that granulation takes an important place in the preparation production.

In our daily life, an increasingly number of people intends to transform the finely powdered material into flowing and dustless granular products. The technology of processing materials into granules is palletizing or granulating. And we call the finished product granule. With the advancement of production equipment and the development of production technology in various industries, granulating machines have reached every corner of people’s daily life and industrial production. For example, coffee and milk powder in our daily life, chicken powder in cooking, Chinese medical granular in pharmacy, pesticides in agricultural production and fertilizer are all granulated products.

1.Pelletizing machine contributes to accurate quantitation, dispensing and management.
2.Granulating machine prevents dust from flying and adhering to the walls, thus it is environmental-friendly and material-saving.
3.Pelletizing machine is capable of preventing segregation, improving solubility, adjusting bulk density as well as lowering moisture absorption, which makes products easy to store.
4.Granulating machine is good-looking and user-friendly.

Product List
1. FL Fluidized Bed Granulator
2. PGL-B Spray Dryer Granulator
3. GHL High Speed Mixing Granulator
4. XL Rotary Granulating Machine
5. JZL Twin Screw Pellet Mill Machine
6. YK Pendular Granulator
7. KZL Quick Pelleting Machine
8. QZL Spheroid Granule Machine
9. JW Extruding-Spheroid Pelletizing Machine
10. XYL Rotary Squeezing Granulating Machine
11. GK Dry Granulator
12. DGJ Fertilizer Granulator

Founded in August, 2000, Jiangsu Yutong Drying Engineering Co.,Ltd. is a professional drying machine manufacturer and granulating machine supplier in China. We have cooperated with the domestic universities and colleges for a long time and invite experienced professors and engineers to form expert group. The products have obtained several national patents with powerful research and development as well as innovation capacity. If you have any question about granulating machines, please feel free to contact us.

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