SLG Consecutive Percolation Extractor Machine

SLG Consecutive Percolation Extractor Machine

Chinese herb extraction tank is an improved machine based on traditional static diacolation machine and multifunctional extractor. Continuous percolation extracting tank is a relatively more advanced extracting machine.

Chinese herb extraction tank is suitable for medicine, food and chemical industry. Continuous percolation tank is applicable in percolation extraction of alcohol extraction, water extraction and solvent mixture continuously or intermittently. Chinese herb extraction tank is able to effectively extract flavonoid, lactone, phenols, alkaloids, natural pigments and protein.

Working Principle
1.After they are grinded into the certain size (5-40 mesh), the Chinese herbal medicines are evenly put into the percolation tank of Chinese herb extraction tank and fully infiltrated in the extracting box.
2.Affected by the heat power and pressure, the active ingredients and part of impurities integrate to the extracting box quickly.
3.With the concentration of solutes increasing continuously and reaches its highest point when they rise to the top of the extracting box, they flows to the next process.
4.After separating the active ingredients by extraction, adsorption and evaporation condensation process, the high concentration extracting box returns to the inlet tank and is leaded to the percolation tank quantitatively by pressurizing pipe after heated again.
5.Step by step, the active ingredients are extracted from the herb in circulation. The machine stops until the active ingredients are almost fully extracted.

Parameters of Chinese Herb Extraction Tank

Model Feeding Amount Each Time (kg) Operating Time (h) Extracting Temperature (°C) Pressure in Tank (Mpa) Cuff Pressure (Mpa)
SLG-500 75 to 300 3 to 8 Room temperature to 100 <0.2 0.6
SLG-1000 150 to 400 4 to 10 Room temperature  to 100 <0.2 0.6
SLG-2000 300 to 700 4 to 12 Room temperature  to 100 <0.2 0.6
SLG-3000 400 to 1000 5 to 16 Room temperature  to 100 <0.2 0.6
SLG-4000 600 to 1400 5 to 16 Room temperature  to 100 <0.2 0.6
SLG-5000 700 to 1700 6 to 18 Room temperature  to 100 <0.2 0.6
SLG-6000 800 to 2000 6 to 18 Room temperature  to 100 <0.2 0.6

Yutong specializes in designing and manufacturing Chinese herb extraction tank. Over the years, we make our efforts to the development and production of drying machine, granulating machine, grinding machine and mixing machine. With the advantages of easy operation, stable performance and reasonable prices, continuous percolation extracting tank is popular in America, Britain, Germany, Malaysia, India, Vietnam and Thailand. If you want Chinese herb extraction tank, please feel free to contact us.

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