• CT-C Hot Air Circulation Tray Dryer
  • 1.This hot air circulation tray dryer has wide range of application, as general drying equipment can dry all kinds of materials.
    2.Heat source can use steam, conduction oil, electricity, hot water and far infrared.
    3.It has wide range of temperature adaptation, the normal temperature can be heated to 140℃ by steam and 350℃ by electric heating....
  • DMH Double Door Sterilization Oven
  • DMH double door sterilization oven is equipped with high-efficiency centrifugal fan for main circulation, air door fan and air inlet fan for assisted circulation. There is a high temperature and high efficiency air filter mounted on the air inlet, air outlet and the inner side of this drying oven. Under the action of the main and auxiliary circulating wind, the double door sterilization oven will rapidly obtain high purity hot air. It is one of the essential drying sterilization equipment for pharmaceutical production.
  • SG Tunnel Hot Air Oven
  • As a professional drying equipment manufacturer and supplier in China, Yutong Company provides SG tunnel hot air oven, CT-C hot air circulating oven and DMH double door sterilization oven for your selection. The materials on the conveyer are in stationary state. The conveyer in the drying oven moves forward along the tunnel. The dried materials are fed and discharged from the both ends of the drying equipment.
  • XG Vegetable Dehydration Dryer
  • Description XG drying oven adopts high quality stainless steel, with high intensity and good rigidity. Additionally, this box type vegetable drying machine is with no air leakage, no accumulations and drying dead angle. It is completely in conformity with food hygienic standards. Application XG drying oven is extensively used for drying all kinds of agricultural and sideline products, dehydrated vegetables and Chinese herbal medicine ...

Hot Air Oven

Hot air oven as general drying equipment is widely used for heat curing, dehydrating and sterilization drying of materials and products in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry and heavy industry. This drying oven is easy to use and convenient to maintain. The heating methods include electric heating, steam heating, infrared heating and microwave heating.

1.Our tray dryer adopts thermostat to control the temperature. The double wall insulation retains the heat in and conserves the energy.
2.With perfect design, the body of the hot air oven is processed by numerical control machine tool, easy for operation.
3.An air circulating fan helps in uniform distribution of the heat.
4.The inner container is made from stainless steel plate, and the shell is treated by plastic spraying. Therefore our drying oven has smooth surface and elegant appearance.
5.Our hot air oven has the good advantages of small noise, smooth operation, automatic temperature control and easy maintenance.
6.The electrical system adopts gate-type opening, which is convenient for maintenance and repair.
7.The tray dryer can be customized according to the needs of clients.

Do not put the highly inflammable and explosive materials into the hot air oven for drying, otherwise it may cause fire disaster.

1. CT-C Hot Air Circulating Oven
2. DMH Double Door Sterilization Oven
3. SG Tunnel Hot Air Oven
4. XG Vegetable Dehydrator Tray Dryer

Yutong Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. as a drying oven manufacturer and supplier provides different kinds of hot air oven for customers to select. In addition to tray dryer, we mainly supply spray dryers, belt drying machine, vacuum dryer, flash dryer, air stream dyer and fluidized drying equipment. Our drying oven has been exported to America, Britain, Germany, Cyprus, Turkey, Greece, Ukraine, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, Singapore, Taiwan, Nigeria and Mexico.

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