• TS Test Sieve
  • TS-300 test sieve is widely used for laboratory and quality inspection room to measure the size distribution of particle and powder materials, and analyze product impurity content and solid content in liquid. This lab sieve is well known for compact structure, low noise, high efficiency and accurate precision. Our test sieves adopt high–quality new power generator to produce multivariate high frequency vibration and then to screen and measure materials efficiently. Besides...
  • ZS Vibration Screener
  • Vibrating screen separator is also known as vibrating filter, vibration sieve or sieve shaker. It can be employed both with powdered and liquid materials and is applicable for line production. It is the ideal equipment for sieving and continuous discharging of materials with different particles particle proportions. ZS circular vibrating screen separator is composed of hopper, vibration chamber, coupler and motor. The vibration chamber of vibrating filter consists of eccentric gear, rubber software, main shaft and bearing. Adjustable eccentric heavy hammer...
  • FS Square Vibration Sieve
  • Introduction FS square vibration sieve is well received for high efficiency, energy saving and low noise. This square vibrating screen is widely applicable for continuous sieving of materials in pharmaceutical, chemical engineering and food industries. We are able to manufacturer products with one to four sieve surfaces according to customers’ requirements. Features of FS Square Vibration Sieve Yutong square vibrating screens possess features of simple structure, convenient operation, small volume, big processing capacity ...
  • ZX Line Vibration Screen
  • Description Line vibrating screen is mainly composed of sieve box, sieve frame, sieve mesh, vibration motor, motor pedestal, damper spring and support. ZX linear vibrating sieve can be used in assembly line to realize automated operation. It is features with low energy consumption, high efficiency, simple structure, easy repair, full enclosed structure, no dust, and so on. Application of ZX Line Vibration Screen Linear vibrating sieve is mainly used to classify and separate powder and materials with medium and small granularity, such as food, pharmaceutical ...
  • FTS Rotary Sifting Machine
  • Introduction FTS rotary screener is a king of granule classifying screen to sieve solid. It can be used as configured equipment in powder line. This rotary sifter or rotary sifting machine can also work independently. This machine is characterized by reliable technical performance, stable running, low noise and simple operation. Application of FTS Rotary Screener Rotary sifter is applied in pharmaceutical, chemical engineering, food and other industries. It is the most ideal sieving equipment in the new generation. Rotary sifting machine ...
  • QS Air flow Screening Machine
  • The sieve mesh of QS airflow sieve is in cylinder shape and it is often placed inside the machine body. Materials are sent to the airflow screening machine through screw and are then mixed with airflow and atomized into the mesh cylinder. The wind turbine blades inside the cylinder make materials driven by centrifugal force and whirlwind propelling force and make materials eject through the airflow sieve mesh and discharge through the fine material outlet. Materials that are not be filtered successfully will be discharged along the cylinder wall through the coarse material outlet of airflow screening machine.
  • GTS Rotary Drum Screen
  • 1. Motor drives the drum axis to do rotary motion. Reducer adjusts the drum to make it rotate with a certain rotate speed. Materials enter into the drum body of rotary screen through the feeding inlet. Under the effect of centrifugal force generated by rotating, materials are turned over in the drum and are separated from top to bottom through the sieving mesh.
    2. Because sieving mesh of rotary drum screen has different dimensions, materials will be separated and sieved gradually. Materials with qualified granularity after sieved will be put into their hoppers and they will be sent by man or conveyor to the finished product station.

Screening Machine

Main Products
Yutong is capable of supplying different kinds of screening equipment, including TS test sieve, ZS drum vibration screener, FS square vibration sieve, ZX line vibration screen, FTS rotary sifting machine, QS air flow screening machine and GS rotary drum screen.

1. Our screening equipment is featured with high strength screening frame structure, reasonable mechanical structure, low noise and high screening efficiency.
2. Screening machine adopts small amplitude, high frequency and large dip angle structure, resulting in high screening efficiency and big handling capacity.
3. Vibrator adopts ample clearance bearing and uses thin oil to lubricate, featuring low noise and long life.
4. Components and parts of screening equipment have the advantages of strong versatility and convenient maintenance.

Screening machine is extensively used for dry and wet sieving, classification and dehydration in mineral separation, coal dressing, chemical engineering, brickmaking, food, pharmaceutical, alkali production, fertilizer, paper making and other industries.

Performance of Screening Equipment
1. High vibration frequency and low amplitude can effectively reduce the surface tension of ore pulp and is beneficial to isolation and delamination of fine and heavy materials, further quicken screening of fine and heavy materials.
2. Screening machine adopts lamination sieve, which can enlarge the monolayer bore diameter, increase the sieve life and prevent block and wear.
3. Yutong screening equipment has high utilization rate of screen surface, big processing capacity and low power dissipation.
4. Rubber spring supporting the screen frame can achieve vibration isolation, sound absorption, low noise and small equipment live load or dynamic load.
5. The output of screening machine will be different due to different materials and feedstock granularity.

Jiangsu Yutong Drying Equipment Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise engaged in manufacturing screening equipment. We have obtained the ISO9001 international quality system certificate. Located in Jiaoxi town, a famous town of south of the Yangtze River, our company enjoys transportation advantage. Our screening machines have been exported to America, Europe, the Middle East, West Africa, Southeast Asia and other regions and countries.

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