GK Dry Granulator

GK Dry Granulator

Granulation has many advantages including dust free formulation, improved flowability and stability. Indry granulation machine, the particle size is enhanced by aggregating the particles by roller compaction and then milling to the desired size, resulting in improved content uniformity, dissolution time and stability.

Dry granulator is widely used in pharmaceutical, health product, food, condimental, chemical industry and other industries. This dry granulation machine is particularly suitable for those materials that can not be solved by wet granulation.

1.GK dry granulation machine shares the advantage of minimal material loss due to precise control of the compression force with an innovative electromechanical roller drive.
2. Dry granulator is a kind of new equipment that granulates the powder into granules directly without any adhesives.

3. This dry granulator is novel and reasonable in structure, stable and reliable in performance at the same time convenient for cleaning and maintenance.

Parameters of Dry Granulation Machine

Model 80 type 120 type
Productive Capacity (kg/h) 20 to 60 30 to 100
Volume of Hopper (L) 3 5
Size of Roller (mm) 200 (D) × 80 (W) 200 (D) × 120 (W)
Max Pre-Pressure of Roller (t) 10 15
Revolving Speed of Roller (adjustable) (adjustable)
Feeding Speed (adjustable) (adjustable)
Installed Power (kw) 6.25 13
Regulation Pattern of Roller Wheel and Feeding Speed electromagnetic speed control electromagnetic speed control

As a specialized dry granulation machine manufacturer and supplier in China, Yutong implement strict quality control system to guarantee the performance of dry granulator. We promise to provide customers with at least 10 years spare parts service, in order to avoid machine idleness due to the age of the equipment. In addition, our products have obtained several national patents and we have powerful research and development as well as innovation capacity. For more information about dry granulator, please feel free to contact us.

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