• PLG Continuous Plate Dryer
  • PLG continuous plate dryer is a kind of high-efficiency continuous drying equipment. Its unique structure and working principle determine this drying machine has the characteristics, such as high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, small space occupation and easy operation. PLG continuous plate dryer can be divided into normal pressure type, close type and vacuum type. Its drying areas range from 4 m2 to 180 m2. Equipped with corresponding auxiliary equipment, this drying machine can meet the drying requirements of various materials.
  • LZG Spiral Vibrating Dryer
  • As a drying equipment manufacturer, we provide spiral vibrating dryer, continuous plate dryer and paddle dryer to meet different needs of customers. In order to better understand our LZG helix vibrating dryer, you should learn its working principle. The wet materials enter into the spiral vibrating dryer through a top charging opening, under the effect of circumferential excitation force and gravity, the materials jump from top to bottom along the spiral bed. Meanwhile, clean hot air enters from the bottom of the spiral bed and contact with materials for heat transfer ...
  • JYG Paddle Dryer
  • JYG paddle dryer is equipped with a stirring paddle to make the wet materials in full contact with the heat carrier and heating surface, so as to achieve drying purpose. This drying machine adopts horizontal structure with double or four axles.
    JYG paddle dryer generally belongs to conductive type drying equipment. The heat carriers (steam, hot water or conduction oil) will not directly contact with the materials to be dried, but heating surface and materials will contact with each other. The advantages of conductive type include small gas ...
  • XZG Rotary Vibration Coin Blank Dryer
  • XZG rotary dryer is the latest product produced by Yutong Company. This vibrating drying machine obtained invention patent in China last year. The key design is to find the best vibration source. The vertical vibrating motor is to solve rotary vibration and the vibrating bars to solve the up and down vibration.
    The rotary dryer requires compact structure, high heat utilization rate, low power consumption and excellent drying effect. The drying air volume should be small and the air temperature may be high ...

Other Drying Machine

Jiangsu Yutong Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in drying machine, grinding machine, mixing machine, granulating machine, extractor and concentrator equipment. Yutong has obtained ISO9001 international quality certificate. We can annually produce more than 700 sets of drying equipments and 30 types of products. Our drying machines sell well across the country, and have been exported to America, Europe, Middle East, West Africa, Southeast Asia as well as other countries and regions.

PLG continuous plate drying machine can be used for drying, pyrolyzation, calcining, reaction, cooling and sublimating in the chemical, medicine, food, feed and fertilizer industries. LZG spiral vibrating dryer is mainly applied to dry pills, granular, strip type and spherical materials. JYG paddle dryer can be used for drying plastic, resin, fertilizer, feed, food, fiber, dye and starch. This drying equipment is also configured with cooling and gas recovery functions.

After-sale Service
We provide a one-year warranty for our drying machine. If any quality problem occurs in the warranty period, we offer free replacement for the spare parts and provide technical support for free.

As a professional drying equipment manufacturer and supplier, we provide different kinds of drying machines, such as spray dryers, belt dryers, vacuum dryer, air stream dryer, fluidized bed dryer and drum dryer. Yutong is located in economically developed Yangtze River delta region, next to Shanghai shipping port and Shanghai airport, enabling us to save a large amount of transportation fees and time. Additionally, complete processing and manufacturing equipment can avoid additional costs due to outside processing of our drying machine.

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