RHG Emulsion Tank

RHG Emulsion Tank

Emulsion tank is to make one kind or several kinds of materials dissolved into another kind of liquid phase for making relatively stable emulsion. Under homogeneous turbine and vacuum conditions, emulsification tank depends on the mixing actions of reverse blades to achieve high quality mixing effect of emulsion. Yutong RHG emulsion tank features stable performance, high production efficiency, reasonable structure, small floor space and high degree of automation.

Emulsification tank is suitable for mixing, dispersion-mixing, dispersing, emulsifying and homogenizing production.
1. Mixing
RHG emulsion tank is suitable for syrup, shampoo, detergent, juice concentrate, yogurt, dessert, mixed milk products, printing ink and porcelain glaze.
2. Dispersion-Mixing
Emulsification tank is used for methyl cellulose dissolving, colloid dissolution, carbide dissolution, oil-water emulsion pre-mixing, seasoning production and stabilizer dissolution.
3. Dispersing
This emulsion tank can depolymerize suspension liquid, pill coating and drug. It is also used for coating dispersion, lipstick, vegetable soup, mustard mixture, delustrant, catalyst, metal, pigment, modified asphalt and nanometer materials.
4. Emulsion
RHG emulsification tank are suitable for drug lotions, ointment, cream, facial mask, flavor, resin, waterborne polyurethane and pesticide.
5. Homogenizing
This emulsion tank is used for homogenizing drug emulsion, ointment, cream, facial mask, homogeneous dairy, juice, printing inks and jam.

Specifications of RHGEmulsification Tank

Model Power (kw) Rotation Speed (rpm) Handling Capacity (L)
RHG80 1.1 2800-2900 5-40
RHG90 1.5 5-50
RHG100 2.2 50-100
RHG120 4 100-300
RHG140 7.5 200-800
RHG160 11 300-1000
RHG180 18.5 500-1500
RHG200 22 1400-1500 800-2000
RHG220 30 1000-3000
RHG240 37 1500-5000
RHG270 55 2000-8000
RHGL290 75 3000-10000

Jiangsu Yutong Drying Engineering Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of emulsion tanks in China. In addition to emulsification tank, we also offer CYG stainless steel storage tank, YJG liquid mixing vessel, JCG cooler and heating jacket tank, JZG liquid homogenizing tank, CJG magnetic stirring vessel, etc. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us.

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