Drying Machine

Generally, by adopting the thermal physical method to conduct dehumidification, we call this process as “dry”. It is characterized by using heating, cooling, decompression or other energy transfer methods to make the wet parts of the materials produced phase change process such as ...

Spray Dryers
A spray drying machine is manufactured for the specific products to be dried. It should accord with the specific requirements of products, such as finial residual moisture content, bulk density and particle size distribution. Spray dryer is a kind of device that can simultaneously implement drying and pelleting...

LPG Centrifugal Spray DryerZPG Herbal Extract Spray DrierYPG Pressure Spray Dryer Machine

Belt Dryers
Belt dryers are continuous drying equipment used for drying the materials with good air permeability like sheet, strips, granular and some pastes. This drying machine is designed for drying dehydrated vegetables and Chinese herbal pieces with high moisture content as well as heat sensitive materials. Conveyor dryer is mainly used for drying small pieces of materials and fiber materials in industry...

DWT Conveyor Belt DryerDWVF Vegetable and Fruit DryerDWC Multilayer Conveyor Dryer Machine

Hot Air Oven
Hot air oven as general drying equipment is widely used for heat curing, dehydrating and sterilization drying of materials and products in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry and heavy industry. This drying oven is easy to use and convenient to maintain. The heating methods ...

CT-C Hot Air Circulation Tray DryerDMH Double Door Sterilization OvenSG Tunnel Hot Air OvenXG Vegetable Dehydration Dryer

Vacuum Dryer
Vacuum drying machine is particularly designed for drying heat sensitive and easily oxidized materials. Filling inert gas, it can also rapidly dry the materials with complex ingredient. The drying process of the vacuum dryer is performed under vacuum and low temperature conditions, which helps...

SZG Double Cone Vacuum DryerDZG Sterile Single-Arm Rotary Vacuum DryerFZG /YZG Square/Round Vacuum Drying MachineZKG Vacuum Harrow DryerLHG Ribbon Vacuum Dryer Machine

Spin Flash Dryer
Spin flash dryers are designed for drying high moisture content pasty materials in the pigments, dyes, fine chemical, pesticide, fertilizer, feed, food, medical, electronic and other light industries. Flash drying refers to the drying of particles which are suspended and conveyed in a hot air stream.

SXG Rotary Flash Dryer

Air Stream Dryer
Air stream dryer utilizes high-speed flowing hot air to make the wet starch suspend in it and conduct drying process in the air flow. The air flow drying equipment possesses high heat transfer coefficient, large heat transfer area and short drying time. Yutong provides three kinds of air stream dryers, which can respectively for drying non-viscous and viscous materials

QG Pulse Air Stream DryerFG Exhaust Cycling Airstream DryerGFF Enhanced Air Stream Dryer

ZDG Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer
ZDG vibrating fluid bed dryer adopts fully enclosed structure, which can effectively prevents cross pollution between materials and air, resulting in a clean working environment. The materials enter into the drying machine via feed inlet, under the effect of exciting force, the materials along the horizontal direction proceed forward continuous...

Fluidized Bed Dryer
Fluidized bed dryer is a kind of continuous drying equipment and can realize automatic production. It is mainly used for drying and dehumidifying granular materials and powdery materials in food, medical, chemical and feed industries. This boiling drying machine consists of heater, fluidized bed...

XF Fluidized DryerFG Vertical Fluidizing Bed DryerGFG High Efficiency Boiling Dryer

Drum Dryer
Drum dryer utilizes steam or hot air to heat materials and reduce the moisture content during a manufacturing process. As a professional drying equipment manufacturer and supplier, we provide various drum drying machines for your selection. HG rotary cylinder dryer is mainly used for drying large...

HG Rotary Drum DryerHGB Plant Rotary Barrel DryerTG Drum Scraper Dryer

Other Drying Machine
Jiangsu Yutong Drying Equipment Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in drying machine, grinding machine, mixing machine, granulating machine, extractor and concentrator equipment. Yutong has obtained ISO9001 international quality certificate. We can annually produce more than 700...

PLG Continuous Plate DryerLZG Spiral Vibrating DryerJYG Paddle DryerXZG Rotary Vibration Coin Blank Dryer

Mixer Machines

It is required that all involved materials should be evenly distributed in the mixer machine. The mixing speed of all kinds of materials depends on the proportion physical state and identity of the materials to be mixed, the kinds of mixing machine being used and the duration of the mixing operation. In this mixer machine

YYH Drum Powder Mixer Machine
Drum powder mixer machine is a newly developed and high-efficient powder mixer. When it operates, the loading cylinder makes rotary movement around the center axis (simply called one-dimensional motion) while the barrel materials make three-dimensional movements.

EYH Two Dimensional Tumble Mixer
EYH two-dimensional motion mixer is a high efficiency and energy saving mixer. It is mainly made up of drum, swing rack and frame. Supported by four wheels, the drum is installed in the swinging rack. Materials to be mixed will be rotated when the cylinder is rotating, and will be mixed from left to right and vice versa when the cylinder is swinging. As a result of these two motions, this two-dimensional motion mixer is suitable for mixing of all powder and granule materials.

SYH Three Dimensional Pharmaceutical Blender
Effective blending and mixing is now an essential part in pharmaceutical industries. SYH three dimensional pharmaceutical blender can effectively ensure the quality of mixing materials. When it operates, with the mixing cylinder operating with multi-directional movement, various materials in the mixing process accelerated their mobility and diffusion. At the same time, it avoids the gravity segregation and accumulation phenomena caused by centrifugal force.

CH Trough Food Mixer Machine
Trough food mixer machine is equipped with a set of stirring paddle of horizontal type, so it is suitable for mixing different proportion of dry or wet powdery material. When groove mixing machine operates, it is electrically controlled and the fixing time can be set. With mechanical rotation of mixer unit, s-type impeller rotates to make materials flip back and forth. When finished, it shuts down automatically.

V Type Mixer Machine
The mixing tube structure of V type mixer machine is unique. It is made up of stainless materials. Both inside and outside walls are polished. There is no internal transmission mechanism inside V type mixing equipment and it meets the GMP standard.

HJ Double Cone Mixer
HJ double cone mixer and V type mixer machine are functionally similar. Double cone blender transports the powder or granular materials to the double cone container by vacuum or artificial means. With the constant rotation of the container, materials in it make complex motion to achieve uniform mixing.

DSH Double Screw Blender
DSH double screw mixer integrates powder, granule and liquid mixing. The rotation of twin screw mixer is completed by a set of motors and cycloid reducers. With asymmetric mixing by two screws, the stirring range will be expanded and stirring speed will accelerate.

FZH Square Cone Blender
Materials are charged into a closed square cone mixing barrel of the square cone mixer. The symmetrical axes of hopper and the axes of rotating shaft form an included angle. Then materials with different constituents are strenuously rolling over in the closed hopper and producing high shear to achieve the best effect of mixing.

WLDH Horizontal Ribbon Mixer
WLDH horizontal ribbon mixer consists of mixing barrel, spiral agitating vane and driving parts. Spiral blades are generally made into two floors with the outer one collects the material from each two side to the center, and the inner one diverts the material ...

LDH Colter Blending Machine
The colter mixer machine is made up of drive part, horizontal barrel, colter and fly-cutter. The colter drives material to move along the inner wall, and when the material moves to fly-cutter, it is sprayed by the high-rotating fly-cutter so as to achieve uniform mixing in a relatively short time.

Pelleting(Granulating) Machine

Granulation is a processing for solid particulate. This palletizing machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, fertilizer products and other solid materials. Take the pharmaceutical industry for example: granulating machine is applied to solid preparations such as fine granules

FL Fluidized Bed Granulator
Granulation is a process of transforming the powder particles into ideal, uniform and porous spherical articles. The powdery particles are annulus fluidized in the material container of the fluidized granulating machine. Some particles form into pellets ...

PGL-B Spray Dryer Granulator
PGL-B spray dryer granulator is a kind of machine that combines spray drying and fluidized granulation. It granulates the liquid materials in one-step process. The finished products are good at solubility...

GHL High Speed Mixing Granulator
The powder material and adhesives are mixed fully at the bottom of GHL high speed mixing granulator to become humid soft material, and then it is cut through side-mounted high-speed crusher and become...

XL Rotary Granulating Machine
XL rotary granulating machine adopts one pair of rotating grinding blade to grind liquid material into column-shape granule by stainless steel sieve cylinder. Different sizes of pellets can be produced by replacing stainless screen cylinder. All material contact parts of rotary granulating machine are made ...

XYL Rotary Squeezing Granulating Machine
XYL squeezing granulator machine produces uniform length of cylindrical particles. The whole process is that after squeezed by the grind knives, the well mixed soft materials are forced to pass through the screen and then cut by the scraper.

YK Pendular Granulator
YK pendular granulator is special equipment used to make wet powdery materials into granulars under the effect of rotating drum. All material contact parts are made of stainless steels. This pelleting machine has the advantages of elegant appearance, easy to clean, simple operation and low energy consumption.

KZL Quick Pelleting Machine
Generally speaking, the particles are usually of different shapes and sizes processed by a variety of granulation equipments. KZL rapid pelleting machine has the advantage of producing particles basically of the same shape and size.

QZL Spheroid Granule Machine
The granulation process is that before extruding operation, the solid raw materials need to be well mixed with the liquids. Then the mixed ingredients go through this spherical granule machine to have its spherical granule. The dispersing ability...

JW Extruding-Spheroid Pelletizing Machine
1.During the granulating process of extruding-spheroid pellet machine, dry powder can be added to avoid adhesion. 2.The finished product of granulating machine is compact in surface, which makes it easy to for coating. 3.The finished granules from extruding-spheroid pellet machine have uniform size and high sphericity.

JZL Twin Screw Pellet Mill Machine
The pellets produced by twin-screw extrusion granulator are extruded rigidly through screw and plate. Therefore the finished products are compact, uniform in size, non-hygroscopic and have long shelf life. Pellet mill machine is particularly applied to granulating in traditional Chinese medicine and food industry...

GK Dry Granulator
Granulation has many advantages including dust free formulation, improved flowability and stability. Indry granulation machine, the particle size is enhanced by aggregating the particles by roller compaction and then milling to the desired size, resulting in improved content uniformity, dissolution time and stability.

DGJ Fertilizer Granulator
DGJ fertilizer granulator is a new generation of equipment. This granulating machine operates at room temperature and the output is up to 1-5t/h with a variety of specifications. Our technical strength is in the leading level of our country.

Coating Machine

Coating is usually a post-processing procedure and also an effective way to develop new product applications. After being coated, products improve significantly in their performance. For example, the coated particles are able to achieve metering, mixing, bonding and curing successfully, reduce

BY Sugar Coating Machine
Chufa-shaped coating machine is used to coat pills, tablets and particles in pharmaceutical industry and also sugarcoat those products in food industry. The sugar coated tablets after coating and polishing are bright in surface and is able to prevent oxidation, moisture or volatile. Sugar coating machine also ...

BZJ Centrifugal Powder Coater
1.Centrifugal powder coating machine is widely used in spherical particles (pellets) making, pills coating (film, enteric protective layer) and sustained-release coating.
2.Centrifugal dusting coating machine can be used in granulation as well as powder, tablets, pills taste masking and coloring.

BGB High Efficiency Film Coating Machine
BGB film coating machine is a kind of special machine equipped with programmable logic controller, with which its operation process and process parameters such as negative pressure and temperature can be automatically controlled. Besides, our film coating equipment meets the GMP standard.

BGW High Efficient Poreless Coater
Poreless coater is broadly used in pharmaceutical and food industry. It is applied to coating traditional Chinese and Western tablets and pills (including micro-pills, small pills, drip pills and granulated pills) with sugar, organic film, water soluble film, slow and controlled release film.

LDP Fluid Bed Coating Machine
Fluid bed coating machine is a new type of granulating coating machine that combines fluidized coating technology with spray technology. With fluid bed coating machine, particles are fluidized and the coating fluid sprayed on and dried. Small droplets and a low viscosity of the spray medium ensure an even product coating.

FBL Turbojet Fluid Bed Granulator Coater
Turbojet fluid-bed granulator coater is leaf structure of the fluidized bed, and leaves are in a certain slope so that air flows from the blade through the gap to form a strong circulation-shaped flow. Then material was in swirling orderly movement, while the aerodynamic nozzle installed in the wall, or the adhesive coating...

DLP Multifunction Granulator Coater
DLP multifunction granulation coating machine is kind of multifunctional equipment that integrates spray drying, granulation, centrifugal pellets and fluidized coating drying. This granulator coater is compatible with a variety of process operations.

(Pulverizer) Grinder

A grinding machine, often shortened to grinder, is a machine tool used for grinding, which is a type of machinine using an abrasive wheel as the cutting tool. Each grain of abrasive on the wheel’s surface cuts a small chip from the workpiece via shear deformation. The grinding machine consists of a bed with a fixture to guide and hold the work piece, and a power-driven grinding wheel spinning at the required speed...

XB Universal Pulverizer
XB universal grinder is composed of main engine, auxiliary engine and electric control. After entering into the crushing room, materials are crushed under the effect of mutual impact of active chain-ring and fixed chain-ring in high speed rotation. Then they become the powder after sieved from the screen.

CSJ Coarse Pulverizer
This rough pulverizer is of vertical crushing structure. After the material is fed into the crushing chamber through a hopper and impacted by the rotating knife, they are crushed by simultaneous cutting of both fixed and movable knives and rotating. At last they flow to the exit automatically under the effect of rotating centrifugal force.

WFJ Micro Grinder
WFJ micro grinding machine is made up of main engine, auxiliary machine and electric control.  The material is fed into the crushing chamber through a hopper, and is cut and sheared by the high speed cutters. Then the material is moved into the whirlwind separator and sack dust catcher by the negative pressure sucking method.

YFJ Oily Material Grinder Machine
Oily material grinder machine is a good grease grinder. It is specifically researched and developed for crushing and milling almonds, walnuts, peanuts, sesame, beans, spices, food seasonings and other oily substances. It is specially designed to avoid the problem of sticking the machine. This oily material crusher is capable...

QLM Super Micro Air Stream Pulverize
After crushed by hammer crusher of ultra micro pulverizer, the large materials are crushed into small ones and sent to storage hopper by elevator, and then evenly sent to the upper distribution plate of the turnplate by vibrating feeder and sloping feeding pipe...

WFM Super Micro Vibrating Mill
WFM ultrafine vibration mill is a kind of horizontal vibration grinder. After the material is fed into the crushing chamber, grinding rods inside collide and grind with it and thus achieves the crushed parducts. This super micro vibrating mill is equipped with water-chilling devices and the temperature of crushing room is adjustable. This super micro vibrating mill .

JM Colloid Mill
Two stage colloid grinder is a machine that is used to make fine processing of fluid materials. This is done by applying high levels of hydraulic shear to the process liquid. It is frequently used to increase the stability of suspensions and emulsions...

Extractor and Concentrator Machine

Extraction, also called solid-liquid extraction, refers to the process of extract the needed ingredients from solid mixtures. Concentration refers to the operation process of evaporating solvents to increase solution concentration. It is also called evaporation process. The common concentration method includes atmospheric concentration, vacuum concentration, film evaporation and multifunction evaporation.

Extractor Machine
Yutong is located in Jiaoxi town, a famous town in the south of the Yangtze River, covering an area of over 50 mu with 11000 m2 building area. We have 10 intermediate and senior titles of professional engineering and technical personnel and more than 100 sets of processing equipment...

DT Static Multifunctional Extraction Tank DDT Dynamic Multifunctional Extractor SLG Consecutive Percolation Extractor Machine CQT Liquid-Liquid Continuous Extraction Tower T Serial Box Extracting Equipment

Concentrator Machine
Founded in August, 2000, Jiangsu Yutong Drying Engineering Co.,Ltd. is a professional drying machine manufacturer and concentrator supplier in China. Concentrating machines are widely used in pharmaceutical, food and agriculture industries. We carry out ISO9001 quality management system in order to ensure the quality of concentrating machines...

Evaporator REC Thermal Reflux Extractor and Concentrator JN Multifunction Alcohol Recovery Concentrator DBHT Alcohol Recovery Concentration Tower

Tanks and Pot Equipment

In industrial production, stainless steel tank equipment is a widely used product for various chemical operations. It is not only used as a kind of liquid storage equipment, but also used as liquid mixing, homogenizing, emulsifying and batching equipment. Stainless steel pot equipment can complete crystallization, fermentation, hydrolysis, neutralization and other reaction operations.

CYG Stainless Steel Storage Tank
CYG stainless steel storage tank is commonly used for water storage tank, liquid storage tank and temporary storage tank. Compared to ordinary rotational moulding storage tank, it can withstand higher pressure and can be extensively...

YJG Liquid Mixing Vessel
YJG liquid mixing tank is fixed on kinds of vessels. There are many stirring blades optional to meet different technological requirements. This liquid mixing vessel generally adopts double faces mechanical seal (double mechanical seal). Equipped with sealed self-lubrication system, it does not need to be maintained frequently.

JCG Cooler and Heating Jacket Tank
JCG heating and cooling jacket tank, also called hot and cold cylinder, is a stainless steel tank with heating, cooling, heat preservation, sterilization and storage functions. It is widely used in dairy products, food, nutraceuticals, pharmaceutical and chemical...

JZG Liquid Homogenizing Tank
JZG liquid high pressure homogenizer is an exclusive machine for homogenizing and high-voltage transmitting liquid materials. It is used to modify the physical properties of liquid or mixture by creating emulsions (liquid in liquid suspension) or dispersions...

RHG Emulsion Tank
Emulsion tank is to make one kind or several kinds of materials dissolved into another kind of liquid phase for making relatively stable emulsion. Under homogeneous turbine and vacuum conditions, emulsification tank depends on the mixing actions of reverse blades to achieve high quality mixing effect of emulsion...

CJG Magnetic Stirring Vessel
Magnetic stirring tank is also known as batching tank or magnetic reaction kettle. It can be used for transferring, subpackaging and storing kinds of liquids. Micro motor drives high temperature powerful magnet to produce rotating magnetic field so as to drive the stirrer in the vessel rotate. Thus solution can be heated ...

JG Crystallizing Tank
JG crystallization tank is the crystallizing equipment to make chilled water or refrigerant water in the interlayer cooled down sharply. The key point is the area of interlayer. The internal part of crystallizing tank is polished with high precision and is cleaned with no dead angle. This makes this tank meet the using requirements...

HJG Gelatin Melting Tank
HJG gelatin melting tank is made from stainless steel. The tank body adopts inner, heating layer and insulating layer. Mixing assembly uses loop coupling to connect and composes of forward and reverse multilayer divided flow type multidirectional...

ZLG Direct Cooling Milk Storage Tank
ZLG series direct cooling type milk storage tank is a kind of milk storage equipment using tank wall to achieve direct heat transfer and refrigeration. It is mainly composed of tank body, stirrer, scrubber, refrigerating unit and electrical appliance control box...

FJG Beer Fermentation Tank
FJG beer fermentation tank is made of superior stainless steel. The cooling jacket is in the form of dimple jacket. Jackets placed in the tank body and cone base can effectively improve the cooling speed. We can set jacket heat exchange area with different proportions according to customers’ specific technological requirements.

ZZG Seeding Tank
ZZG seed tank is a kind of fully enclosed hygienic dedicated equipment that is applicable to biochemical fermentation production in brewing, pharmaceutical, food, health care products and condiment industries. This fermentation tank can be used to produce beer, monosodium, glutamate, citric acid, glycerin...

CDG Alcohol Precipitation Tank
CDG alcohol precipitation tank is applicable to alcohol precipitation in Chinese medicine, oral liquid, food, health care products and chemical engineering industries. It is mainly used to freeze and precipitate the solution that is formed by concentrating Chinese...

FYG Stainless Steel Reactor
Stainless steel reactor is also called reactor kettle. It is featured with fast heating, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, advanced technology, stable quality, stable transmission, reasonable price and convenient operation. It is healthy and environmentally friendly. It can automatically heat with no need of boiler...

TQG Vacuum Degassing Vessel
TOG vacuum degassing vessel is also known as vacuum degassing tank. Juice after homogenizing can be degassed in vacuum state, which can prevent juice oxidation and lengthen its storage life. Vacuum degasser unit consists of vacuum degasser, vacuum pump and centrifugal pump. They make use of vacuum suction...

QJG Stainless Steel Jacket Pot
QJG stainless steel jacketed pot is made of stainless steel configured with pressure gauge, safety valve and electric control cabinet. It is widely used for processing candy, pharmaceutical, dairy products, wine, pastries, drinks, candied fruit, canned food, etc. Jacketed kettle is also used in large restaurant...

Auxiliary Equipment

1. Screening machine is used to separate different sizes of materials.
2. Conveyor equipment is used for conveying powder, particle and other materials.
3. Heat source equipment is often utilized as heating supply system. It can supply configured heat source for drying, concentration and other technological processes.

Screening Machine
Yutong is capable of supplying different kinds of screening equipment, including TS test sieve, ZS drum vibration screener, FS square vibration sieve, ZX line vibration screen, FTS rotary sifting machine, QS air flow screening machine and GS rotary drum screen.

TS Test Sieve ZS Vibration Screener FS Square Vibration Sieve ZX Line Vibration Screen FTS Rotary Sifting Machine QS Air flow Screening Machine GTS Rotary Drum Screen

Conveyor Equipment
Conveyor equipment is a kind of machinery that uses frication drive to convey materials continuously. With conveying equipment, we can send materials from the feeding place to the discharging place. It can not only convey bulk materials, but also convey packed articles.

TS Test Sieve DTJ Bucket Elevator ZKS Vacuum Feeder LXS Screw Feeding Machine DTS Hopper Conveyor Equipment PDJ Belt Conveyor

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