QS Air flow Screening Machine

QS Air flow Screening Machine

The sieve mesh of QS airflow sieve is in cylinder shape and it is often placed inside the machine body. Materials are sent to the airflow screening machine through screw and are then mixed with airflow and atomized into the mesh cylinder. The wind turbine blades inside the cylinder make materials driven by centrifugal force and whirlwind propelling force and make materials eject through the airflow sieve mesh and discharge through the fine material outlet. Materials that are not be filtered successfully will be discharged along the cylinder wall through the coarse material outlet of airflow screening machine.

QS airflow sieve is extensively used for material screening in pharmaceutical, food, chemical engineering, metallurgy, mining, metal powder and nonmetal industries.

1. It features small volume, light weight, stability without vibration, no noise, good sealing performance, no dust and high efficiency.
2. QS airflow sieve adopts new shell structure. It is easy to install and convenient to control. 3. It can be used independently or configured with other machines. It can work for a long time safely and reliably.
4. The sieve mesh of airflow screening machine can be washed and cleaned by whirlwind automatically.
5. This equipment has re-breaking function of agglomerated materials.
6. QS airflow sieve can be configured with pneumatic conveying system. This can save resources.
7. Pneumatic protection system can transport the purified air to the two ends of airflow screening machine, which effectively reduces the temperature generated by this equipment in the running process. It can also form air isolated layer to bearing, prevent dust from entering, effectively lengthen the usage life of bearing, reduce the maintenance frequency and improve working efficiency.

Parameters of QS Airflow Sieve

Model QS-190 QS-300
Production Capacity 60 kg to 800kg 100 kg to 2000 kg
Meshes 60 to 400 60 to 400
Motor Power 2.2 kw 3 kw
Overall Dimension 1680 × 520 ×1380 (L × W × H) 1890 × 670 × 1460 (L × W × H)
Weight 230 kg 340 kg

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