• DTJ Bucket Elevator
  • Introduction TD bucket elevator is applicable for vertically conveying powdery, granular and small blocky bulk materials with small grinding suction, such as grain, coal, cement, broken ore, etc. The maximum elevating height of this bucket hoister is 40 m. There are four kinds of buckets for TD type bucket elevator: Q type (shallow bucket), H type (arc bottom bucket), ZD type (medium and deep bucket) and SD type (deep bucket). Structure TD bucket hoister is composed of operation part (hopper and traction tape), upper section with transmission drum, lower section with tension drum ...
  • ZKS Vacuum Feeder
  • ZKS vacuum feeding machine can automatically convey kinds of materials to the hoppers of packaging machine, injection molding machine, pulverizer, and so on. This vacuum conveying machine can also directly convey mixed material to the mixing machine (like V type mixing machine, two-dimensional mixing machine) to reduce working intensity and solve the problem of dust overflowing while feeding material. In addition to vacuum feeding machine, we also supply other conveying equipment, such as bucket elevator, screw feeding machine, hopper conveyor equipment and belt conveyor.
  • LXS Screw Feeding Machine
  • Introduction LXS screw feeding machine is an auxiliary machine configured with plastic processing machineries. It can directly and automatically convey powdery or granular raw material to the hopper, mixing machine or other equipment. Made of stainless steel, this spiral feeding machine can prevent the contacted material from pollution. Yutong screw feeding machine achieves totally enclosed automation in the production process. Application LXS spiral feeding machine is a kind of machinery that uses motor to drive the screw to rotate and push material go ...
  • DTS Hopper Conveyor Equipment
  • Description DTS mobile lifting charging machine is mainly composed of chassis trolley and elevator. The elevator is made up of rack, hydraulic elevating system and upender, and can be configured with dedicated tapered hopper with sealing device, charging bucket and discharging butterfly valve that is easy to clean. This lifting feeder is an ideal material conveying equipment in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Application DTS mobile lifting charging machine is mainly used to convey, elevate and feed powdery and granular solid materials in ...
  • PDJ Belt Conveyor
  • PDJ belt conveyor can be used both indoors and outdoors. It can convey materials fast or slowly. This machine is applicable for bulk cargoes and packed cargoes. This conveying equipment can moved flexibly to adapt to different requirements of transportation in bulk or in packed. According to the conveying technological requirements, single machine can be used to convey materials. Customers can also use several belt conveyors or use them with other conveying equipment to form horizontal or inclined conveying system, thus improve the utilization rate of this equipment ...

Conveyor Equipment

Conveyor equipment is a kind of machinery that uses frication drive to convey materials continuously. With conveying equipment, we can send materials from the feeding place to the discharging place. It can not only convey bulk materials, but also convey packed articles. Besides, this machinery is not only used for conveying materials, it can also be matched with the craft process in each industrial production process and forms assembly and conveying line.

Applications of Conveyor Equipment
Conveying equipment is widely applied in pharmaceutical industry, food industry, chemical industry and agriculture. It can be used to convey bulk pharmaceutical chemicals, powder material, granular material, mixed material, tablets, afterbirth pills, capsules, additives, raw materials, candy, afterbirth sugar pill, cocoa powder, gourmet powder, crystal, etc. Conveyor equipment can also be used to convey chemical raw materials, industrial raw materials, dyes, agricultural bulk material, etc.

Subclass Products
Yutong is able to supply kinds of conveying equipment, such as bucket elevator, vacuum feeder, screw feeding machine, hopper conveyor equipment and belt conveyor.

1. Our conveyor equipment has a wide temperature application range, good anti-sticking performance, big elevating angle and simple maintenance. They can be configured with baffle plates and are easy to clean.
2. Yutong conveying equipment can be widely used in various environments and is suitable for kinds of special occasions and uses.
3. It is featured with high strength and high resistance to acid, alkali and saline.
4. We also provide custom service for conveyor equipment.

Jiangsu Yutong Drying Equipment Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise engaged in manufacturing conveying equipment in China. We have obtained the ISO9001 international quality system certificate. Located in Jiaoxi town, a famous town of south of the Yangtze River, our company enjoys transportation advantage. We have exported our conveyor equipment to America, Europe, the Middle East, West Africa, Southeast Asia and other regions and countries.

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