• GXZ Rotary Film Evaporator
  • Description Scraper evaporator consists of one or more cylinders heated with jackets and film-scraper. The film-scraper continuously scrapes the charging material to even liquid film. During the process, components with low boiling points are evaporated and the hangover is expelled from the bottom of the evaporator. Scraper evaporator is a kind of high efficiency machine that achieves falling film and evaporation under vacuum condition. Application Scraper evaporator is widely used in chemical, petrifaction, pharmaceutical, pesticide, food and fine chemical industries ...
  • WZ-I Single Effect Circulation Evaporator
  • Description WZ-I Single Effect Circulation Evaporator is composed of tubular external heater, vacuum evaporator and auxiliary devices. All the material contacting parts of this circulating evaporator is made of high quality stainless steels, which meets pharmaceutical and food hygiene requirements. Application Single effect circulation evaporator is suited to liquid material evaporating and concentration process in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and light industry. ...
  • WZ-II Double Effect Circulating Evaporator
  • Description WZ-II double effect circulating evaporator combines natural circulation with outside heating and negative pressure evaporation in vacuum condition. Application Circulation evaporator is suitable for Chinese medicine, western medicine, glucose, starch and chemical liquids. This double effect circulating evaporator is especially suitable for low temperature vacuum concentration of thermo-sensitive materials. Users are welcomed to choose the series of concentrator according to the material process characteristics. ...
  • WZ-III Three Effect Multifunction Evaporator
  • 1.The interior of heating chamber is tubular. It features double insulation. Single effect heating chamber is equipped with steam pressure gauge and safety valve to ensure safety in production.
    2.All single, double and triple effect evaporation chambers of three effect multifunction evaporator are double layer. So they are heat insulation and heat preservation. The front of evaporation chamber of this triple effect evaporator is equipped with sight glass, which allows the operator to see the situation inside ...
  • LJZ Falling Film Evaporator
  • 1.All the material contact parts of falling film evaporator is made up of high quality stainless steels. Thus it is characteristic of good corrosion resistance and durable performance, which meets the GMP standard.
    2.This evaporator machine features high degree of heat transfer coefficient, large evaporation capacity per unit area, low cost, small floor space, a wide range of application and suited to large equipment.
  • REC Thermal Reflux Extractor and Concentrator
  • 1.Put the drug material into the extraction tank of thermal reflux extractor and concentrator and insert five to ten times of solvents such as water, ethanol, methanol and acetone.
    2.Open the extraction tank tee and vapor valve. After making extraction liquid heat and boil for twenty to thirty minutes, use filtration tube to absorb one third extraction liquid into the concentrator.
  • JN Multifunction Alcohol Recovery Concentrator
  • 1.Alcohol recovery: Alcohol recovery concentrator features large recovery capacity. This alcohol recovery concentrate machine adopts vacuum operation method and have improves its process flow. The recovery rate is amount to 95%; the loss rate of alcohol is lower than 5% and the energy consumption is 30% reduced. Alcohol recovery concentrator is an energy saving machine with small investment and high recovery benefit.
    2.Liquid concentration: Alcohol recovery concentrate machine adopts external heating in natural...
  • DBHT Alcohol Recovery Concentration Tower
  • Description Alcohol recovery tower is made up of tower bottom, the tower, condenser, cooler, buffer tank and the high tank. This alcohol recovery concentrator is able to distill dilute alcohol from 30-50 degrees to 93-95 degrees. Application Alcohol recovery tower is applied to the dilute alcohol recovery of pharmaceutical, food, light industry and chemical industries. Features 1.The material contact parts of alcohol recovery tower are made of stainless steels OCr18Ni9, which features good corrosion resistance, energy-saving, environmental protection ...

Concentrator Machine

Founded in August, 2000, Jiangsu Yutong Drying Engineering Co.,Ltd. is a professional drying machine manufacturer and concentrator supplier in China. Concentrating machines are widely used in pharmaceutical, food and agriculture industries.
We carry out ISO9001 quality management system in order to ensure the quality of concentrating machines. Our products like blending machines have been awarded with many honors, including the high quality recommendation certificate issued by U.S. Asia Economic Trade Cooperation Committee and East China excellent technological products certificate issued by Jiangsu Association for Science and Technology.

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