HGB Plant Rotary Barrel Dryer

HGB Plant Rotary Barrel Dryer

HGB cylinder dryer is specially designed for dehydrating and drying seasonal plants with high moisture content, such as pasture, fresh Chinese herbal medicine and gingko. This rotary drum drying machine uses hot air furnace as heat source, having big drying amount and easy operation.

Drying Process of HGB Cylinder Dryer
1.Wind closer
2.Cyclone separator
3.Draught fan
4.Cooling wind pipe
5.Wind closer
7.Cyclone separator
8.Air stone remover
9.Rocking drier
11.Oil fuel hot air furnace
12.Raising feeder
13.Control table

Parameters of HGB Cylinder Dryer

Item/Model HGB-500 HGB-1500
Water Evaporation Capacity (kg/h) 360 1100
Productivity (kg/h) 500 1500
Inlet Air Temperature (℃≤) ≤ 900 ≤ 900
Rotating Speed (r.p.m) 0 to 11 0 to 11
Oil Consumption (kg/h) ≤ 60 ≤ 135
Total Power (kw) 34.4 50.39
Overall Dimension Length (m) 11 12
Width (m) 2 2.8
Height (m) 3.0 3.2
Weight (T) 20 32

As a professional cylinder dryer manufacturer and supplier in China, Yutong offers kinds of drum dryers, such as rotary drum drying machine and drum scraper drying machine. We implement strict quality control system to guarantee the performance our drying equipment. The quality of cylinder dryer is repeatedly checked during each stage of production. Additionally, rotary drum drying machine must undergo a trial run in the workshop, and only those qualified products are allowed to leave the factory.

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