LXS Screw Feeding Machine

LXS Screw Feeding Machine

LXS screw feeding machine is an auxiliary machine configured with plastic processing machineries. It can directly and automatically convey powdery or granular raw material to the hopper, mixing machine or other equipment. Made of stainless steel, this spiral feeding machine can prevent the contacted material from pollution. Yutong screw feeding machine achieves totally enclosed automation in the production process.

LXS spiral feeding machine is a kind of machinery that uses motor to drive the screw to rotate and push material go forward to achieve the conveying purpose. It can realize horizontal, inclined or vertical conveying of various powdery or granular materials.

LXS screw feeding machine is easy to install and move. If several mixing machines use the same material, only one set of spiral feeding machine can satisfy the feeding requirements of several mixing machines. This can avoid the problem of manual feeding, making feeding work safer and saving more time and labor.

Parameters of LXS Screw Feeding Machine

Model LXS-600 LXS-1000 LXS-2000 LXS-3000
Motor Power of Feeding Material (kW) 0.75 1.1 1.5 2.2
Motor Power of Pushing Material (kW) 0.75 0.75 0.75 0.75
Diameter of Conveying Pipe (mm) 76 102 120 140
Feeding Volume (kg/h) 600 1000 2000 3000
Material Tank Volume (L) 80 150 200 250
Dimension of Material Tank (L × W × H) (cm) 65 × 65 × 80 100 × 75 × 80 120 × 80 × 80 160 × 80 × 80
Weight (kg) 80 150 200 250

Over the years, Yutong is devoted to development and production of spiral feeding machines. We emphasize scientific and technological innovation, and we cooperate with many famous colleges to develop new products. Our screw feeding machines are well received by more and more customers. Our company develops quickly and accumulates abundant capital and technology strength. We provide different models of spiral feeding machines for customers to choose.

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