• WSZ Microwave Sterilization Tunnel Oven
  • WSZ microwave sterilization tunnel oven is a kind of tunnel type sterilizing machine. The usual thermal sterilization makes use of heat conduction to transfer heat from the material surface to the inside through convection or radiation mode. This method needs to take a long time to reach the sterilization temperature. However, microwave sterilization machine makes microwave energy directly affect bacteria in materials. Heat effect and non-heat effect are both effective, which makes it quickly heat up and shortens the processing time ...
  • UHT Ultra High Temperature Instant Sterilizer
  • 1. The feeding and discharging of ultra high temperature instant sterilizer adopts three-way cock. The flow can be adjusted as needed, making it reliable to use.
    2. This sterilizing machine realizes continuous production and short sterilization time. Thus, we can get high-quality products due to short heating time.
    3. Ultra high temperature instant sterilizer adopts ultra high temperature for sterilization, resulting in excellent sterilization effect. ...
  • CT7C Steam Sterilizer Machine
  • 1. Steam sterilizing pot takes the steam with a certain pressure produced by boiler as the heat source. It is featured with fast heating, high thermal efficiency, even heating, easy control of heating temperature, and so on.
    2. Made of Austenite type stainless steel, the inner pot of this horizontal steam sterilizer is resistant to acid and heat.
    3. Steam sterilizing pot is also equipped with pressure gage and safety valve. ...
  • BSZ Pasteurization Machine
  • BSZ pasteurizing machine or pasteurization machine is suitable for sterilization in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. It is a new product integrating sterilization and cooling. Packed products are put on the stainless steel mesh belt of which speed can be adjusted. Under the help of conveyor belt, they successively enter into the sterilization tank. After being sterilized by high temperature water, they are sent to the cooling tank by conveyor belt for even cooling. Thus, the sterilization purpose can be achieved. BSZ pasteurizing machine ...

Sterilization Equipment

Sterilization equipment is mainly used for sterilizing and drying food, pharmaceutical, agricultural and sideline products so as to make them reach the using standard. Our company mainly provides four sterilization machines for customers, including microwave sterilization tunnel oven, high temperature instant sterilizer, steam sterilizer machine and pasteurization machine.

Advantages of Sterilization Equipment
1. Yutong sterilization machine is well appreciated for short sterilization cycle and fast speed.
2. Equipped with automatic control steam admission device, it can reduce energy waste to the maximum.
3. Our sterilization equipment can keep the original color and taste of food, lengthen the shelf life of products and maintain nutrition.
4. Yutong sterilization machine is not easy to deform and simple to maintain. The whole machine runs stably with low noise, which greatly improves the working efficiency.
5. Adopting advanced technology, it is simple to operate.
6. Our sterilizers occupy small area.

Product Process of Sterilization Equipment
The whole working process of sterilization machine includes sterilization, cooling, washing and drying. It can be configured with sterilization curve recorder to monitor the production process so as to achieve the automatic, highly efficient, safe and healthy production purpose. Conveyor, sterilizer, cooling machine and drying machine can realize continuous running and automatic control.

Jiangsu Yutong Drying Engineering Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of sterilization equipment in China. We possess 10 professional engineers and technical personnel and over 100 sets of processing equipment. Over the years, we make efforts to the development and production of sterilization machines. For more information about our sterilizers, please feel free to contact us.

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