• XF Fluidized Dryer
  • Boiling drying machine, also called fluidized bed dryer, plays an important role in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and grain processing. XF fluidizing dryer is composed of air filter, fluidized bed, cyclone separator, bag-type dust collector, high-pressure centrifugal fan and console. The hot air enters into the fluidized bed through a valve plate, and the wet materials come into fluidization state. The materials extensively contact with the hot air and the heat transfer process is increased, so that the boiling drying machine can dry the materials in a short time ...
  • FG Vertical Fluidizing Bed Dryer
  • Description FG vertical fluidizing dryer can utilize nitrogen as the carrier, which can effectively prevent oxidation and keep the original fragrance and protein component. By adopting special design, this fluid bed dryer enables to recycle organic solvent. Application FG vertical fluidizing dryer is designed and manufactured for drying powdery or granular materials in the pharmaceutical, health care products, food, chemical and other industries. ...
  • GFG High Efficiency Boiling Dryer
  • 1.This fluidized bed dryer can be used for screw extrusion particles and swing granules.
    2.GFG high efficiency boiling dryer is used to dry wet materials and powdery materials in medicine, food, health care products, feed, pesticide, chemical and other fields.
    3.This drying machine is suitable for drying large particles, small block and viscous granular materials.
    4.This fluidized bed dryer also can be used for the materials whose volumes will ...

Fluidized Bed Dryer

Fluidized bed dryer is a kind of continuous drying equipment and can realize automatic production. It is mainly used for drying and dehumidifying granular materials and powdery materials in food, medical, chemical and feed industries. This boiling drying machine consists of heater, fluidized bed, cyclone separator, bag-type dust collector, induced draft fan and console. According to the different properties of materials, our boiling dryer can adopt cyclone separator or bag-type dust collector as required.

Features of Fluidized Bed Dryer
1.This boiling drying machine improves the fluidity and reduce dust explosion by powder granulation. It also can improve the solubility property.
2.Mixing, granulating and drying can accomplish in one machine.
3.This boiling dryer adopts anti-static filter cloth to ensure the security.
4.Our fluidized bed dryer has no dead angle, easy to load and unload materials.
5.It is easy to operate and maintain, and meets the GMP standards.

Working Principle
Hot air enters into the main engine via a valve plate, and the wet materials go into the boiling drying machine from the feeder. Thanks to the effect of air pressure, the materials form into boiling state and contact with the hot air, thus completing drying process in a short time.

Types of Fluidized Bed Dryer
1. XF Fluidized Dryer uses nitrogen instead of oxygen as the carrier, which can effectively prevent oxidation and retain protein component. It is used for drying, cooling and granulating flammable and explosive materials.
2. FG Vertical Fluidized Bed Dryer
3. GFG High Efficiency Boiling Dryer

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