BAS Stainless Steel Plate Filter

BAS Stainless Steel Plate Filter

BAS stainless steel plate and frame filter press is suitable for airtight filtering of liquid with the concentration of less than 50%, low viscosity and small dregginess. This board frame filter can achieve purification, sterilization, clarification and other precise filtration and half precise filtration requirements. The stainless steel plate and frame filter press directly uses microporous filtering membrane, so it can directly achieve the goal of aseptic filtration rather than through the microporous membrane filter.

BAS stainless steel board frame filter is widely used in pharmaceutical, biochemical, food and beverage, water treatment, brewing, petroleum, electronic chemical, electroplating, printing and dyeing, environmental protection and other industries. The stainless steel plate and frame filter press is the latest equipment for purification, filtration and clarification of all kinds of liquids.

1. This board frame filter is resistant to corrosion and is very durable.
2. The filter plate adopts screw structure. We can change different filter materials according to different filter media and production processes (primary filtration, half precision filtration and precision filtration) requirements. According to the size of the amount of filtering, users can also correspondingly reduce or increase the number of filter layers so as to make the stainless steel plate and frame filter press suitable for production needs.
3. All the sealing parts of this board frame filter adopt silicon rubber sealing ring that is of high temperature resistance, no leakage and good sealing performance and is also non-toxic.
4. The pump and input pipe parts adopt fast-installation connection, which is convenient for dismantling and cleaning.

Parameters of BAS Stainless Steel Plate and Frame Filter Press

Model Filter Plate Specification × Layer Filter Aperture (m) Rate of Flow (th) Filter Area (m2) Filter Chamber Volume (L) Motor Power (kW) Overall Dimension (L × W × H mm)
BAS-10-150 150 × 10 0.45-10 0.5-1 0.18 1.3 1.1 700 × 310 × 710
BAS-10-200 200 × 10 0.45-10 1-2.5 0.32 2.6 1.1 750 × 340 × 750
BAS-10-300 300 × 10 0.45-10 2.5-5 0.72 6.1 1.1 795 × 450 × 860
BAS-10-400 400 × 10 0.45-10 5-8 1.3 11 2.2 910 × 610 × 1000
BAS-16-400 400 × 16 0.45-10 8-12 2.0 17.6 2.2 980 × 610 × 1000

Jiangsu Yutong Drying Equipment Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise engaged in manufacturing board frame filters. We have obtained the ISO9001 international quality system certificate. Located in Jiaoxi town, a famous town of south of the Yangtze River, our company enjoys transportation advantage. Our stainless steel plate and frame filter presses have been exported to America, Europe, the Middle East, West Africa, Southeast Asia and other regions and countries.

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