ZKG Vacuum Harrow Dryer

ZKG Vacuum Harrow Dryer

ZKG vacuum harrow dryer is new type high-efficiency horizontal vacuum drying equipment. It adopts jacketed structure, and the jacket can be heated by steam, hot water or conduction oil. The jacket transfers the heat to the inner wall of the shell via conduction or radiation. The dried materials are added into the dryer through an opening in the middle of the machine shell. Constant stirring of the revolving harrow causes the materials move back and forth. The surface contacting with the inner wall of the shell constantly updates, resulting in high drying rate and uniform finished products.

ZKG vacuum harrow dryer is designed for drying slurry, pasty, powdery materials, thermosensitive materials requiring low-temperature drying, easily oxidized materials, as well as explosive materials, toxic materials and the materials whose organic solvents should be recovered. This vacuum drying equipment is applied to the pharmaceutical, nourishment, food, chemical and other industries.

1.ZKG vacuum harrow dryer uses large-area interlayer heating, which can obtain large heat-transfer surface and high heat efficiency.
2.This vacuum drying equipment with a stirring device can improve the heating uniformity and smoothly dry slurry and pasty materials.
3.It is easy to operate and clean, which can effectively reduce labor intensity.
4.If this vacuum harrow dryer adopts internal concurrent heating, the heating area will be greatly increased.


Model Volume (L) Working Volume (L) Heating Area (m2) Stirring Rate (rmp) Power (kw) Interlayer Pressure (Mpa) Pressure in the Container (Mpa)
ZKG-500 500 300 3.2 8 to 18 4 0.3 -0.096 to 0.15
ZKG-750 750 450 4.4 8 to 18 5.5 0.3 -0.096 to 0.15
ZKG-1000 1000 600 5.1 8 to 18 5.5 0.3 -0.096 to 0.15
ZKG-1500 1500 900 6.3 8 to 18 7.5 0.3 -0.096 to 0.15
ZKG-2000 2000 1200 8.1 8 to 18 7.5 0.3 -0.096 to 0.15
ZKG-3000 3000 1800 10.6 8 to 18 11 0.3 -0.096 to 0.15
ZKG-4000 4000 2400 12.3 8 to 18 15 0.3 -0.096 to 0.15
ZKG-5000 5000 300 14.2 8 to 18 18.5 0.3 -0.096 to 0.15
ZKG-6000 6000 3600 16.5 8 to 18 22 0.3 -0.096 to 0.15

We are a specialized vacuum drying equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Besides, vacuum harrow dryer, Yutong also provides spray dryer, belt dryer, mixing machine, granulating machine, grinding machine as well as other machines. With rapid development, we have already accumulated abundant capital and technology strength. Yutong has various experimental drying machines for customers to test and inspect. If you want vacuum harrow dryers, please feel free to contact us.

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