XZG Rotary Vibration Coin Blank Dryer

XZG Rotary Vibration Coin Blank Dryer

XZG rotary dryer is the latest product produced by Yutong Company. This vibrating drying machine obtained invention patent in China last year. The key design is to find the best vibration source. The vertical vibrating motor is to solve rotary vibration and the vibrating bars to solve the up and down vibration.
The rotary dryer requires compact structure, high heat utilization rate, low power consumption and excellent drying effect. The drying air volume should be small and the air temperature may be high. This vibrating drying machine allows the air to enter in from multi-direction. The net plate for coin requires special treatment in order to avoid scratch of the workpiece.

Working Principle of XZG Rotary Dryer
Coin blanks are evenly spread on the mesh belt through hopper and anti-rolling plate. The vertical motor makes the mesh belt do uniform circular motion, at the same time, the up-down vibration caused by vibrating bars to make the coin blanks jump forward. There is built-in electric heater inside the air channel and dehumidifying port on the top of the vibrating drying machine. The cold air is heated to proper temperature and enters into the rotary dryer by side direction. After rectification, the hot air alternatively passes through the bottom layer and upper layer of the coin blank. It conducts fully heat transfer with the coin blanks, and the water in the blank is evaporated and exhausted outside by dehumidifying pipe. The dried coin blanks enter into conveyor belt and go to the next procedure.

Features of Rotary Dryer
1.This rotary vibrating drying machine uses continuous operation. Adopting PLC control system, the temperature can be adjusted according to different conditions of coin blanks during drying. This drying equipment can set program interlock start to realize one-button operation. Overloading and over-temperature alarm also can be set.
2.XZG rotary dryer adopts vertical vibration motor which is from the joint company of China, Netherlands and America. Exciting force can be adjusted according to the actual needs. Its protection grade is IP 55.
3.Our vibrating drying machine is equipped with high frequency and low noise vibrating bar, which comes from joint company of China and Italy. It employs dedicated frequency converter and a micro motor inside the bar. Protection grade is IP65.
4.The net plate adopts large-hole mesh grid and sprays with special coating. The coating has waterproof, oil-proof, anti-sticking, high temperature resistant, self-lubricating, non-flammable and corrosion resistance.
5.The bottom of the rotary dryer adopts shockproof rubber washer to prevent vibration transmission and avoid affecting surrounding environment.
6.There is a cleaning port at the bottom of the vibrating drying machine. It uses compressed air to sweep at fixed period.

Yutong Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional drying machine manufacturer and supplier in China. Besides rotary dryer, we have mixing machine, granulating machine, grinding machine and blending machine. Vibrating drying machines are exported to America, Britain, Germany, Cyprus, Turkey, Greece, Ukraine, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, Singapore, Taiwan, Nigeria and Mexico.

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