• BY Sugar Coating Machine
  • Chufa-shaped coating machine is used to coat pills, tablets and particles in pharmaceutical industry and also sugarcoat those products in food industry. The sugar ...
  • BZJ Centrifugal Powder Coater
  • Centrifugal powder coating machine is new-developed equipment on the basis of rotating bed. This centrifugal dusting coating machine is equipped with automatic ...
  • BGB High Efficiency Film Coating Machine
  • BGB film coating machine is a kind of special machine equipped with programmable logic controller, with which its operation process and process parameters such ...
  • BGW High Efficient Poreless Coater
  • Poreless coater consists of main motor, spraying supply for compound material, hot-air-purifying, dust-removing and ventilating, and electric coating system ...
  • LDP Fluid Bed Coating Machine
  • Fluid bed coating machine is a new type of granulating coating machine that combines fluidized coating technology with spray technology. With fluid bed coating ...
  • FBL Turbojet Fluid Bed Granulator Coater
  • Turbojet fluid-bed granulator coater is leaf structure of the fluidized bed, and leaves are in a certain slope so that air flows from the blade through the gap to form ...
  • DLP Multifunction Granulator Coater
  • DLP multifunction granulation coating machine is kind of multifunctional equipment that integrates spray drying, granulation, centrifugal pellets and fluidized coating drying ...

Coating Machine

Coating is usually a post-processing procedure and also an effective way to develop new product applications. After being coated, products improve significantly in their performance. For example, the coated particles are able to achieve metering, mixing, bonding and curing successfully, reduce solvent hazards, shorten the construction period, expand range of applications and increase productivity. For another example, after coating the pharmaceutical products are not only lucifugal and moisture-proof, but also has long period of validity. In addition, coating process is widely used in food, fine chemicals, metal protection, inorganic salt modification and papermaking fields.

Functions of Coating
1.Coated products are lucifugal and moisture-proof so as to improve the stability of medicines.
2.Coating machine has the advantage of covering the discomforting smell of medicines.
3.The coating colors are various so that the identification ability of medicine and medication security can be improved.
4.The coated products are polished in surface so they are characteristic of good fluidity and elegant appearance.

Process of Coating
Generally speaking, coating process can be divided into three stages: bottoming, main coating and shaping. First, bottoming process should better be conducted with small flow of coating liquid and low temperature of fluidized air. Second, in the main coating process of coating machine, coating liquid flow can be appropriately increased to shorten the coating time and make coating in the uniform size. At the same time, air temperature should also be correspondingly increased to avoid the flow liquid from spilling. In the last shaping stage, coating liquid and inlet air temperature should be lowered.

1. BY Sugar Coating Machine
2. BZJ Centrifugal Powder Coater (Coating Equipment)
3. BGB High Efficiency Film Coating Machine
4. BGW High Efficient Poreless Coater
5. LDP Fluid Bed Coating Machine
6. FBL Turbojet Fluid Bed Granulator Coater
7. DLP Multifunction Granulator Coater

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