• DT Static Multifunctional Extraction Tank
  • Static multifunctional extractor adopts straight-type structure; it is easy for slagging. Slag-discharged door of static multifunctional extraction tank adopts ...
  • DDT Dynamic Multifunctional Extractor
  • Dynamic multifunctional extractor is mainly used for decoction, extraction, hot reflux extraction and circulation leaching of Chinese medicine with the mediums ...
  • T Serial Box Extracting Equipment
  • Box type extractor is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine, food and chemical industry. The usual technological operations of this extractor machine are ...
  • GXZ Rotary Film Evaporator
  • Scraper evaporator consists of one or more cylinders heated with jackets and film-scraper. The film-scraper continuously scrapes the charging material ...
  • LJZ Falling Film Evaporator
  • A falling film evaporator is an industrial device to concentrate solutions, especially with heat sensitive components. The evaporator is a special...

Extractor and Concentrator Machine

Extraction, also called solid-liquid extraction, refers to the process of extract the needed ingredients from solid mixtures.
Concentration refers to the operation process of evaporating solvents to increase solution concentration. It is also called evaporation process. The common concentration method includes atmospheric concentration, vacuum concentration, film evaporation and multifunction evaporation.

Extractor and concentrator machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, health products, beverage, chemical engineering, light industry and bioengineering industries.

Common Steps of Extractor and Concentrator Machine
1.Put the solvent and solid materials to closely contact. Then soluble constitutes will transform into liquid state to serve as lixivium.
2.The lixivium and insoluble solid (residue) separates from each other.
3.Using solvent to wash the residue for soluble ingredients contained in residue.
4.After extracting and concentrating the lixivium, they become the expected products.
5.The last step of extractor and concentrator machine is to recycle the valuable solvent in the residue.

Our extractor and concentrator machine includes DT static multifunctional extraction tank, DDT dynamic multifunctional extractor, SLG consecutive percolation extractor machine, CQT liquid-liquid continuous extraction tower, T serial box extracting equipment, GXZ rotary film evaporator, WZ-I single effect circulation evaporator, WZ-II double effect circulating evaporator, WZ-III three effect multifunction evaporator, LJZ falling film evaporator, REC thermal reflux extractor and concentrator, JN multifunction alcohol recovery concentrator, DBHT alcohol recovery concentration tower.

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