• SZG Double Cone Vacuum Dryer
  • SZG double cone vacuum dryer is a new type drying equipment which combines similar product technologies at both home and abroad. This rotary vacuum dryer possesses belt and chain two-stage elastic connection modes. With low center of gravity, this drying machine can operate smoothly. Heating medium and vacuum system adopt reliable mechanical seal or rotating joint, so as to avoid defects such as the regular packing seal is easy to leak. On this basis, we modify this double ...
  • DZG Sterile Single-Arm Rotary Vacuum Dryer
  • DZG rotary vacuum dryer is a kind of new type sterile drying equipment. Its tank is installed in the sterile workshop, and the transmission parts and supports are installed in the outside of the sterile room. The middle parts is separated by a wall, and sealed by the silicon sealing ring, so as to ensure normal operation and production in the sterile area. This single-arm vacuum drying equipment is suitable for aseptic production, which can effectively guarantee the product quality and fully meet the GMP standards. ...
  • FZG /YZG Square/Round Vacuum Drying Machine
  • Vacuum drying refers to dry the materials under vacuum condition, and use vacuum pump to extract air and wet, thus accelerating drying rate. YZG round vacuum dryer and FZG square vacuum dryer belong to static vacuum drying machine. Under vacuum conditions, the boiling point of material solvent is reduced, making this machine to dry unstable or thermosensitive materials. Additionally, the vacuum dryers have excellent sealing ability, so they are also used for drying the materials requiring solvent recovery or materials with poisonous gas.
  • ZKG Vacuum Harrow Dryer
  • ZKGvacuum harrow dryer is new type high-efficiency horizontal vacuum drying equipment. It adopts jacketed structure, and the jacket can be heated by steam, hot water or conduction oil. The jacket transfers the heat to the inner wall of the shell via conduction or radiation. The dried materials are added into the dryer through an opening in the middle of the machine shell. Constant stirring of the revolving harrow causes the materials move back and forth. The surface contacting with the inner wall ...
  • LHG Ribbon Vacuum Dryer Machine
  • LHG ribbon vacuum drying machine is a high-efficiency vertical type drying equipment which integrates drying, crushing, vacuum decompression and mixed powder. Its drying efficiency is three to five times of the same specification double cone vacuum dryer.
    This ribbon vacuum dryer machine is used for drying powdery materials in the pharmaceutical, nourishment, nourishment, food, chemical, pesticide and other industries. The whole process can ...

Vacuum Dryer

Vacuum drying machine is particularly designed for drying heat sensitive and easily oxidized materials. Filling inert gas, it can also rapidly dry the materials with complex ingredient. The drying process of the vacuum dryer is performed under vacuum and low temperature conditions, which helps maintain the material property and minimize bacterial growth.

Our vacuum drying machines are mainly used for drying the following materials:
1.The thermosensitive materials which require low temperature drying
2.Easily oxidized materials, explosive materials, strong stimulating and toxic materials
3.Materials whose organic solvents should be recovered
4.Vacuum dryer is applied to dry the powdery, granular, fibrous and pasty materials in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries.

Features of Vacuum Drying Machine
1.Rectangular working chamber makes the effective volume achieve the maximum. This vacuum dryer adopts microcomputer controller to ensure accurate and reliable temperature control.
2.Toughened bullet-proof double glass door can observe the object in the working chamber at a glance.
3.This vacuum drying machine takes the shortest heating time. Compared with the traditional vacuum dryer, its heating time can be reduced over 50%.
4.The degree of tightness of the door can be adjusted. The overall forming silicone rubber door sealing ring enables to ensure the high vacuum degree in the cabinet.
5.Storage, heating, test and drying are all implemented without oxygen or filled with inert gases, so this drying equipment will not oxidize.
6.This vacuum drying machine has reasonable design, compact structure, easy installation and debugging.

1. SZG Double Cone Vacuum Dryer
2. DZG Rotary Vacuum Dryer  
3. FZG /YZG Square/Round Vacuum Drying Machine
4. ZKG Vacuum Harrow Dryer
5. LHG Ribbon Vacuum Dryer Machine

As a specialized vacuum drying machine manufacturer and supplier in China, Yutong implement strict quality control system to guarantee the performance of vacuum dryers. We promise to provide customers with at least 10 years spare parts service, in order to avoid machine idleness due to the age of the equipment. In addition, our products have obtained several national patents and we have powerful research and development as well as innovation capacity. For more information about vacuum dryers, please feel free to contact us.

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