• HG Rotary Drum Dryer
  • After the wet materials are fed into the rotary drum dryer, they are stirred by the shoveling plates and uniformly distributed in the cylinder. Then the materials fully contact with cocurrent of counter-current hot air, thus accelerating heat transfer and mass transfer. During the drying process, the materials under the effect of titled shoveling plates and hot air can move to the discharge valve at the other side of the cylinder dryer and finally be discharged. ...
  • HGB Plant Rotary Barrel Dryer
  • Description: HGB cylinder dryer is specially designed for dehydrating and drying seasonal plants with high moisture content, such as pasture, fresh Chinese herbal medicine and gingko. This rotary drum drying machine uses hot air furnace as heat source, having big drying amount and easy operation. Drying Process of HGB Cylinder Dryer: 1.Wind closer 2.Cyclone separator 3.Draught fan 4.Cooling wind pipe 5.Wind closer 6.Fan 7.Cyclone separator 8.Air stone remover ...
  • TG Drum Scraper Dryer
  • 1.Using steam or heat conduction oil as heat source results in large heating area, high heat efficiency and uniform heating.
    2.The drying time of this drum dryer is short, generally 7 to 30 seconds. Our drum scraper drying machine is suitable for drying heat sensitive materials.
    3.The heat transfer and mass transfer process of wet material film is in the same direction and has large temperature gradient, which makes the material film surface retain higher evaporation intensity ...

Drum Dryer

Drum dryer utilizes steam or hot air to heat materials and reduce the moisture content during a manufacturing process. As a professional drying equipment manufacturer and supplier, we provide various drum drying machines for your selection.
HG rotary cylinder dryer is mainly used for drying large particles and large proportion materials in the chemical, mining and metallurgy industries. This drum dryer is also suitable for the materials requiring low temperature and continuous drying. HGB plat rotary barrel dryer is used to dry and dehydrate pasture and fresh Chinese herbal medicine. This cylinder dryer is particularly for drying ginkgo leaf. TG drum scraper drying machine can be used for drying viscous and pasty materials in food, chemical, medicine and other industries.

Working Principle of Drum Dryer
The revolving drum of the cylinder dryer is a kind of slightly inclined and rotary cylinder. The wet materials go into the dryer from the upper end and the dry materials are collected from the bottom end. The hot air enters into from feed end and discharges from the other end. There is a consequent shoveling plate in the cylinder, which makes the materials uniformly distributed in the drum dryer. This enables the materials to fully contact with hot air flow, in order to improve the drying efficiency and make the materials move forwards. The heat source for drying materials includes hot air, high temperature flue gases and steam.

1. HG rotary drum dryer can be designed with multilayer inner sleeve structure. So the staying time of the material can be longer and the production capacity can be greatly enhanced.
2. HGB plant rotary barrel dryer is our newly developed drying machine.
3. TG cylinder dryer is used for drying materials in health care products, chemical and environmental protection industries.

Yutong Drying Equipment Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in cylinder dryer, grinding machine, mixing machine, granulating machine, extractor and concentrator equipment in China. We implement strict quality control system to guarantee the performance of drum dryers. The quality of drying machine is repeatedly checked during each stage of production. If you have any question about our products, please feel free to contact us. In addition, we welcome overseas enterprises or individual to be agents of drum dryers.

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