• Milk Powder Drying Production Line
  • 1. Spray drying machine in food and health industry can be used to concentrate whole milk powder. This spray dryer is capable of improving the solid concentration from 10.5% to 45%.
    2. The moisture content of the finished products after spray drying is about 5%.
    3. With the factor that the temperature of outlet of the spray dryer is about 70℃, the cooling process is also a dehydration process. Usually this process is able to drop the water content to 2%.
  • Coffee Drying Production Line
  • After filtering and heating, the air enters into the hot air distributor at the top of the centrifugal spray dryer, and the hot air will spirally and evenly goes into the drying chamber. The material liquid via high-speed centrifugal atomizer rotates into extremely thin vaporific liquid globule and parallel with the hot air, and then the liquid will be dried into powdery products in a very short time. Coffee powders are formed by spray drying machine...

Dairy and Beverage Industry

Spray dryer is mainly used for drying various kinds of liquids such as emulsion, suspension, paste and solution. The finished products are in the shapes of powder or granule. We can supply solutions for all aspects of successful coffee production, making us the obvious supplier of individual plants as well as complete lines.

Spray dryer in dairy and beverage industry usually includes two production lines: milk powder drying production line and coffee drying production line. For the involved spray dryer machine, customers are free to choose either centrifugal spray or pressure spray. The former produces powder products and the latter granule products.

1. The most economical method for producing soluble coffee is spray drying which results in free-flowing and agglomerated/granulated powders.
2. Our technologies also include freeze drying, where products with all flavors and aromas retained are produced.
3. Thanks to an extremely high level of control system, spray dryer can manufacture products meeting the demands of individual markets.

A spray dryer is manufactured for the specific products to be dried. It should accord with the specific requirements of products, such as finial residual moisture content, bulk density and particle size distribution. Spray dryer is a kind of device that can simultaneously implement drying and pelleting. According to the technological requirements, this spray drying machine can adjust the pressure and flow rate of the feeding pump as well as nozzle size, so as to get the required spherical particles with a certain proportion.

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