Chicken Essence Product Line

Chicken Essence Product Line


1) Definition of Chicken Essence
Chicken essence is a kind of compound flavoring with chicken aroma. It is processed with chicken cream, chicken oil, eggs, essence and chicken powder polyure as its main material, and then combined with salt, sugar, aginomoto and spice. The involved processing technologies include mixing, powder processing and drying. Drying machine in the above process stands in the most important place and the auxiliary equipment are also necessary.

2) Features of Chicken Essence
Chicken essence is the third generation of freshness agents. It features good palate, well layered and full of nutrition.

3) Process Flows of Chicken Powder (granulous)
Chicken essence production is a typical example of dryer machine in condiment and flavoring industry. Crushing, mixing, granulating and drying are the four main steps of chicken essence production and drying machine is the most important equipment among the involved equipments.

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