• Chicken Essence Product Line
  • 1) Definition of Chicken Essence
    Chicken essence is a kind of compound flavoring with chicken aroma. It is processed with chicken cream, chicken oil, eggs, essence and chicken powder polyure as its main material, and then combined with salt, sugar, aginomoto and spice. The involved processing technologies include mixing, powder processing and drying. Drying machine in the above process stands in the most important place and the auxiliary equipment are also necessary...
  • Refined Salt Drying Production Line
  • 1. Crude salt refers to the granules obtained from natural condition such as sea salt, mineral salt, well salt and lake salt. It features compact structure with 94% purity. This kind of salt is mainly used to pickle fish, meat and vegetables.
    2. Refined salt is developed on the base of crude salt with brined purification, vacuum evaporation, dehydration and drying process. This kind of salt is white, powdery and sodium with chloride content up to 99.6%. Spray dryer is widely used in refined salt production...
  • Tomato Paste(Ketchup)Production Line
  • Description Concentration refers to the operation process of evaporating solvents for increasing solution concentration. Extractor and concentrator machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, health products, beverage, chemical engineering, light industry and bioengineering industries. Application Ketchup production is an example of concentrator machine applied in food industry. Ketchup is commonly used as cooking ingredients for fish and meat ...

Condiment and Flavoring Industry

Generally, by adopting the thermal physical method to conduct dehumidification, we call this process as “dry”. It is characterized by using heating, cooling, decompression or other energy transfer methods to make the wet parts of the materials produced phase change process.

Drying equipment is mainly used in fruit, vegetables, grain, wood, tea, dairy products, Chinese medicinal materials and other industries. Drying machine used in condiment industry usually includes chicken essence product line, refined salt drying production line and tomato paste production line (ketchup production line).

1. According to the operating pressure, it can be divided into normal pressure drying machine and vacuum drying equipment. The normal one can take one or several forms to conduct heat transfer at the same time. While the conduction heat transfer and radiative transfer are in the majority in vacuum drying. The vacuum drying machine is mainly used to deal with heat sensitive materials and materials with solvent recovery.
2. The drying equipment can be split into batch type dryer and continuous dryer on the basis of operation modes.
3. The ordinary states of the dried materials can be divided into blocks, flake, granular, powder, fibrous and pulpiness. In many cases, the initial conditions of the materials decide the form of drying machine.
4. According to the heat transfer, the drying equipment can be divided into convective heat transfer, conduction heat transfer dryer and radiative transfer dryer.

Our drying equipment includes vacuum drying machine, spray dryers, chamber dryer, tunnel dryer machine, belt dryers, flash dryer and air stream dryer. Drying technology has wide application areas. Facing numerous industries, various physical and chemical properties of materials, product quality and different requirements, the drying technology has been developed into a multi-industry and interdisciplinary technology with experimental and scientific natural.

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